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Vikings Quarterbacks: Heinicke Hurt, Team Interested In Foles?

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Minicamp Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Training Camp hasn’t even officially started for the Minnesota Vikings yet, and already we have a bit of hubbub surrounding the quarterback position.

Not concerning Teddy Bridgewater, mind you. . .we’re relatively sure that his job is safe. However, there has been some other news about quarterbacks in Mankato, including a pretty significant development that we just found out about this morning.

Taylor Heinicke, who the Vikings signed as an undrafted free agent last season and kept as the #3 quarterback, showed up to Mankato today with his left foot in a cast. Generally, the #3 quarterback is not that big a deal, but there were some folks. . .myself included. . .that were hoping that Heinicke could potentially battle incumbent Shaun Hill for the right to be Bridgewater’s backup. However, it’s going to be awfully tough for him to do that if he, you know, can’t walk.

The Vikings currently have former Wisconsin Badgers quarterback Joel Stave in camp, and Heinicke’s injury may open the door for him to hang on as the #3 quarterback if he shows some promise in camp. Obviously, we’ll be keeping an eye on Heinicke’s injury and see how that shakes out.

Higher on the depth chart, it’s been rumored that the Vikings were interested in quarterback Nick Foles, who was released by the Los Angeles Rams on Wednesday. In 2015, Foles was. . .well, he was pretty awful. Vikings fans may remember him from the "Mike Zimmer will take the wind in overtime" game against the Rams at TCF Bank Stadium. Still, he’s relatively young, and only a couple of years removed from a season that saw him throw 27 touchdown passes to just two interceptions for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Honestly, the three biggest mysteries of modern times might be the D.B. Cooper disappearance, the cancellation of Firefly, and Nick Foles’ 2013 stat line.

Several sources, led by Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, have reported that the Vikings have some interest in Foles. If that’s the case, he’s not coming here to be the #3 quarterback, which means that Shaun Hill would likely be in danger of being ousted. Unless Heinicke’s injury is severe enough where he’s going to have to be shelved, with Stave holding the #3 spot and Hill battling on Foles for the right to be Bridgewater’s primary backup.

Intrigue, ladies and gentlemen. . .it’s what Training Camp is all about, isn’t it?