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Twenty Minutes Of Harrison Smith Being Awesome

Want something else to get excited about while we're getting all sorts of news about the Minnesota Vikings on the first day of Training Camp? Well, have we got something for you.

Brett Kollmann, the lead blogger for SB Nation's site for the Houston Texans, Battle Red Blog, has been doing some scouting, and one of the players he's decided to take a look at is none other than Harrison Smith. What does he think of the NFL's highest-paid safety?

Well, the title of the video is "Harrison Smith is the next Troy Polamalu." That Polamalu fella. . .he could play him some safety, if you'll remember correctly.

It's taken Smith a while, but he's finally getting his due as one of the best. . .if not the best. . .in the National Football League at the safety position. It's nice to see things like this that are centered around him.

As the title of this post implies, the video is just short of twenty minutes long, so if you've got some time, grab yourself a beverage or a sandwich, sit back, and enjoy.