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Roughing The Podcast Returns...Like Right Now

It's the re-launch episode! We were so excited we couldn't wait until Tuesday!

Back at the end of the 2014 season, Di Murphy and I had a brief run at a podcast, and unfortunately, it only lasted four episodes.

Because, you know, starting a podcast at the end of a football season was a real genius move on our part, for one. We always meant to start it up again, but man, life just gets in the way sometimes, and when one of us was able, the other one was in the middle of moving, or had a significant health issue,, you know?

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the re-boot of Roughing The Podcast. In our cover a lot of things on the day the Vikings reported to Mankato:

The first segment is where allow ourselves to re-introduce...ourselves.

At 5:45 we talk a little bit about the late Dennis Green, and his tenure as Vikings coach.

17:30 we move on to the Vikings. We start with Phil Loadholt and the offensive line.

At the 28 minute mark we move on to the wide receiver group, and what to look for in terms of starters.

At the 29 minute mark we take a look at other position groups, in particular the defensive backs.

At the 42 minute mark we discuss the new stadium, Di's impressions of it from her tour, and the saddest post 98 NFC Championship observation ever...because she was there.

So take a listen by clicking below, if you don't mind.

Our RSS feed is:

You can find us on Stitcher here:

or by searching for 'Roughing The Podcast.'

We are not on iTunes yet, but it's been submitted, and as soon as we have that info, we will pass that along.

If you're on Twitter, follow Ted (@purplebuckeye), Dianne (@DiMurphyMN) and the show (@roughthepodcast)

Our plan is to do one episode a week now that the season is underway, and we have a lot more in store, to include guests, answering listener questions, and more!

So for those of you that had asked us to re-launch, thanks. For those of you that have never heard of us, well, we hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it.