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We Get To See U.S. Bank Stadium On Wednesday

New Visions Of The New Minnesota Vikings Stadium

We’re just a few days away from getting an opportunity to finally see U.S. Bank Stadium live and in living color. Sure, the Minnesota Vikings won’t be playing there for another four weeks, but the first ever sporting event will be taking place there on Wednesday.

Better still, it will be on television for anyone that wants to get a first glimpse at things.

The event in question, as we’ve mentioned a few times in this space before, is an International Champions Cup soccer match. . .yeah, soccer, not football. . .between English Premier League side Chelsea (who won the EPL in 2014) and Italian club AC Milan, a part of Serie A.

The game will be broadcast LIVE on ESPN 2, but the time appears to be a little bit up in the air. According to the site for the International Champions Cup, the game will get underway at 8:00 PM Central time on Wednesday night, while the ESPN 2 listings show an 8:30 PM Central time start. The website for the stadium itself also says 8:00 PM Central, so we'll lean towards that for now.

But, in any case, in just a few days we’re going to be able to watch an actual sporting event taking place at the new home of the Minnesota Vikings. We may even put together an Open Thread for the game, if only so that people can post about how awesome the stadium is. As far as I’m concerned, that’s reason enough.