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Training Camp Roundup

Looking at trends and developments through two days in Mankato

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

We've had four training camp practices so far, and the first full pads practice will take place this afternoon. Although it's still too early to say who the definitive starters are at some contested positions, we have been able to pick up some trends here and there. Let's get to the round up:


The only notable injuries are on offense. The first one was to Stefon Diggs, but to call it notable is a bit misleading:

He returned to practice and is fine. One player who isn't fine, though, is right guard Mike Harris. Harris is dealing with a 'head issue', but neither him or the team will be more specific. Either way, it sounds fairly serious:

So what finally looked like some legitimate depth on the Vikings line has suddenly thinned out, as Phil Loadholt retired, to go along with this injury to Harris.

Adrian Peterson is being brought along slowly after tweaking a hamstring in the off season. Instead of being a full participant in drills, he has been working with the training staff on the sidelines. Mike ZImmer doesn't seem too concerned with the injury, and Peterson's pre-season workloads have been historically light, anyway, so it doesn't seem to be something to worry about yet.

The only other injury of note is WR Cordarrelle Patterson. A couple days ago he went up for a pass, and came down hard on his shoulder:

It looked bad initially, but like Peterson, Zimmer isn't too concerned for the long term. As a precaution, Patterson will be held out of practice for a few days, but he appears to be fine.

In other news, the offensive line, a unit under a lot of scrutiny, has seemingly impressed early on.

Zimmer even singled out everyone's favorite target of ire, Matt Kalil:

There's still no real clarity on the final starting five, but it appears that Tony Sparano is making an impact, depth issues and all.

For the receivers, Charles Johnson and Laquon Treadwell continue to impress early on, as has Teddy Bridgewater. Tweet after tweet refers to Bridgewater being laser accurate and throwing in to tight windows:

On defense, it appears that Xavier Rhodes and Trae Waynes are struggling...but overall there hasn't been a lot of info coming out of Mankato about the defense. Still, until we actually see the team practice in full pads, we really won't know who has the advantage--are the receivers ahead of the defense, or was the defense holding back a little bit because you're more worried about injury and can't go at full speed?

We'll know a lot more this afternoon, so stay tuned.