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More Than Words 2016: Goal Passed, But We Can Do More

Thanks in large part to the folks from FanHQ and the big event they've put together involving Minnesota Vikings' head coach Mike Zimmer, the More Than Words Campaign for 2016 has obliterated its original $10,000 goal, but there's still plenty of time to raise even more for the Mike Zimmer Foundation.

How far over the goal are we? Well, here's what it looks like right now.

MTW Goal Crushed

Much like Spinal Tap, ten just wasn't enough. . .we've gone all the way to eleven! Thousand, that is.

Since the deadline for this year's campaign has been extended to 1 August, thanks to the Zimmer Autograph Session happening on 21 July, we've got plenty of time to raise even more to help The Mike Zimmer Foundation before we call it quits for the year. If you haven't already donated, you can do so at the Donation Page hosted by Vikings Territory (where you can also see the prizes that will be given away in a drawing for those who donated). There are now More Than Words t-shirts as well, with all the profits going directly to this campaign.

I have to give a huge shout out to Adam Warwas and Brett Anderson from Vikings Territory. They're really the driving force behind this whole campaign. . .sites like ours are just sort of here to lend a helping hand and assist in getting the word out.

Once again, we've crushed the goal for this year's More Than Words campaign, but now isn't the time to quit. Let's see how much more we can collect for The Mike Zimmer Foundation and help out some more kids, huh?