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Winds Loosen Panels On U.S. Bank Stadium

U.S. Bank Stadium

Central and Southern Minnesota saw some pretty nasty weather last night, with some places reporting wind gusts as high as 70 and 80 miles per hour. The weather played havoc with a lot of things around the Twin Cities, with flights being diverted from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport and the Major League Baseball game between the Minnesota Twins and the Oakland Athletics not getting underway until 9:30 PM Central time, nearly three hours after the original start time.

It appears that the new home of the Minnesota Vikings. U.S. Bank Stadium, was not spared from the weather.

From what little information has been passed along to this point, it doesn’t sound as though any of the panels from the stadium actually came off or anything. . .the winds apparently just loosened them a little bit. Construction teams are apparently looking into the issue and will hopefully have it fixed in short order.

The stadium is set to have an Open House on 23 and 24 July, with the first formal event taking place on 3 August when soccer clubs Chelsea and AC Milan get together under the ETFE sky.