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Horns, Swords and a Longship, Pt. 2: Electric Thorsaloo

It's a pt. 2 thread on Thursday, enjoy it everybody!

Safety Kenny Phillips, formerly of the Giants and Saints, has retired.

Roddy White was miserable playing for the Falcons last year. Considering how the team played, I'm not surprised.

Could Jadaveon Clowney actually become something?

Only 1 of 122 NFL officials will not be returning next season. Seems a little low, doesn't it? As a side note, there will be three rookie officials in the NFL this upcoming season.

The Chargers have signed 3rd rounder Max Tuerk to a contract, leaving just five of 253 NFL draft choices unsigned.

Miami's new stadium might not be ready for them to play in this fall.

Enjoy your day everybody, you know the rules already. See you on the flip side!