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Kneejerk Reaction Time - Vikings Training Camp Four Days In

For every action there is a larger and over the top reaction – CCNorseman’s 3rd Law of Blogging.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

If there's one thing I've learned since becoming a front page blogger here at the Daily Norseman, it's that we Vikings fans can be a bit over the top at times.  And you know what?  Let's go ahead and run with it!  Below you'll find some tweets from Vikings beat reporters and bloggers who are all live in Mankato, and then my very logical Kneejerk Reaction*.

*If a kneejerk is an involuntary forward kick produced by a blow on the tendon below the patella, and a reaction is the way someone feels or acts towards something that happens, then it follows that all of my Kneejerk Reactions should be taken 100% seriously as hyperbole.

What this clearly means is that Jeff Locke sucks and is the worst punter in the NFL.  Well, actually that might be true, or it might not.  Either way, the Vikings should probably definitely cut Locke and sign this Taylor Symmank fella.  I mean based on his vast body of work and experience punting for a week or two at the Vikings rookie minicamp, Symmank clearly has more NFL experience than Jeff Locke, who's only punted in like, dozens of real NFL games.  I don't see why Locke is even on the roster right now.  Hell, the team is only out $46K in dead money if they cut Locke, and his $0.7 Million cap hit ranks as the 38th highest on the team, and is clearly the most the team is paying for a punter (and it's not even close...even when you factor in that Blair Walsh can punt it 50 yards as the emergency backup).  So, TLDR; cut Locke now, sign Symmank to a metric ton of money.

Boy, that Laquon Treadwell  (or should I say "Queasy"?) has a great work ethic.  Turner mentioned it, and he's clearly arriving early and staying late (there's evidence right there on the twitter machine!!).  The dedication is there, and all it takes to succeed in the NFL is dedication and work ethic, amiright?  Treadwell will easily lead all NFL rookie wide receivers in yards and TDs this season, because: #workethic.

Oh man...Teddy is hitting deep balls!  YASSSSSSSSSSSS!  Super Bowl, here we come!  Wait, what's that Judd Zulgad, Mr. Poo-pooer of all good things Vikings?

Psh.  Shut it Zulgad.  Teddy's going to light it UP!  Did you miss those twos of deep balls he's connected on so far?

Wow, look at all those Pokéstops!  Man, wish I was in Mankato right now...