Golly GEE HOWDY Vern!!

Preseason is upon us and Thee Epic Daily Norseman Photos of Vikings Fans Jersey Contest is well under way.


Man You Guys are lucky i

Man You Guys are lucky i'm not eligible cause this photo would TOTALLY win round one! Seriously!

The Top 4 vote get-ers
in this round will be automatically advanced to the 2016 The EDNPoVFJC PLAYOFF BRACKET that will appear on DN later this year, but fear not young Vikings Fans!

If your photo was not selected, it will be sent to the magical PURPLE FOLDER OF SECOND CHANCES and you will have yet another opportunity to have your photo make it into the contest play-offs.

So with no further gilding the Lilly... it is time to vote.... Here are the 1st 2 dozen entries:


OH! if you want to see the full resolution of any of the photos... check out the gallery here: LINKY (then click the thumbnail to embigen!)

ALSO NOTE: So far we have had two dozen entries... and we have had even had to throw out a few for not following the rules... did you know you can enter one photo per week? So what i am saying for those of you who have NOT submitted a photo to win free stuff... WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU?

ABG is giving out FREE COOL STUFF!!!!!! Are you Dane Brammaged? Send in your photo! DO IT! DO IT NOW!

For all the details and contest rules CLICKEH HERE.

See all the existing submitted (and approved) photos CLICKETH HERE.

ONE MORE THING: PLEASE REMEMBER If you haven't sent in a photo of yourself in a jersey... you are bad at winning.... and you should feel bad. Do you hang out with Marty or something? Sheesh!

Voting will end before Vikings preseason game #2... so VOTE NOW!

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