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Roughing The Podcast, Episode 3

Di and Ted return to wrap up training camp, preview the Bengals game, and answer listener questions

Roughing The Podcast episode 3 is out! In this installment, Ted and Di discuss:

Training Camp, with a wrap up and review. Mike Zimmer is a drill sergeant. Cordarrelle Patterson is not, however. And we don't get the deal with him, quite frankly.

From there, we're on to Cincinnati, as we talk about the joint practices. Anything significant to take away from the guys that didn't travel to Cincinnati? Also, Pac Man Jones is still a turd. Then we discuss the offense and the defense, and we ask the age old question: Will Marcus Sherels get cut?

From there we preview the game against the Vikings, and instead of predictions for the game (because who cares about the final score of a pre-season game) we give you one thing to look for on offense and defense.

Finally, we wrap up the show by taking listener questions, and doing our best to answer them. We also roll out our Roughing The Podcast Question of the Week...with a major prize* for the listener who submitted the question.

*There is no major prize.

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Anyway, whatever your listening platform is...we thank you for checking out the show, and we hope you're at least mildly entertained. Thanks for listening.