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Logo Tees Are Back At The Daily Norseman Store!

We brought back the Daily Norseman Store a while back, but as of now we’ve only had one shirt available for folks to purchase. As of today, we’re changing that, and while this design is a fairly simple one, it’s one we’re sort of partial to.

Yes, the t-shirts with our logo are officially back in stock at The Daily Norseman store.

The shirts can be yours for as little as $19.19, depending on which options you choose for your garment. It can be yours in any of three different colors. . .purple, black, or gold. As always, larger sizes will cost you a little bit more.

At this point, we’re still efforting to bring back pictures with the old DN logo that a lot of people liked, but there’s been a bit of an issue getting it to work with the shirts. If we can rectify this problem in the future, we will bringing those back as well.

However, for now, we have this shirt for you, and we have another design set to debut soon as well. You can head on over to The Daily Norseman store, hosted by Gameday Depot, and get yours today!