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Power To The (Purple) People At The Daily Norseman Store!

We’ve all seen those t-shirts that list a group of people with a distinct connection, and there are a lot of them around for a lot of different things. Not one to let a trend go by unnoticed, we’re giving our fans the opportunity to jump on board by honoring the group of men that might be most synonymous with Minnesota Vikings football.

Yet, it’s our new “Purple People” t-shirt at The Daily Norseman Store.

You know the men and what they did during the golden age of Vikings football, and now they’ve been put on this high-quality t-shirt. The price starts at as little as $19.19, and there are two color options for you to choose from. . .you can either get purple text on a gold shirt or gold text on a purple shirt. Larger sizes will cost slightly more, as always.

Remember, the profits from anything you purchase from The Daily Norseman Store go to support a charitable cause. The decision on what cause that is has not yet been made, but the money will definitely be donated.

If you’d like to get your hands on this design, or one of the other designs we’ve introduced, you can head to The Daily Norseman Store (hosted by Gameday Depot) and grab one. And, as always, if you have an idea for a shirt, send it our way and we’ll see about getting it added as well.