The worst NFL video in the history of NFL videos.

Worst. Video. Ever.

Alright. I could have done a screen shot-thingy, but I don't even see that on the home page. So I'm going to ramble on while I tell you to watch the video above. h/t to SportsDay Dallas for the original article. I'm not linking to it as 1) the YouTube link is busted & 2) it's mostly about the media... ahem... hoarders that are the Jones' family.

Overall, this video sucks, and not in any sort of Ash in Army of Darkness sort of way. No, this out-of-touch media goobers who thought this type of video would still be remotely amusing. It's a tired, old, worn-out schtick.

Except for the 3 seconds of glory at the 1:53 mark. Skip right to it if you cannot stand the first 1 minute, 52 seconds.

Flim Flam. You can't. Nope, not even Goodell's media "hoarders."

Now, stop interrupting the man. Can't you see he's busy???

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