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Ask Roughing The Podcast

Got a questions for the show? Ask it!

Hi kids. With pre-season football now underway, some of the things we were wondering about are starting to come in to focus, yet other issues are just as cloudy as they have been.

Do you have a question for either Dianne or me? If you do, WE HAVE A MULTITUDE OF WAYS TO ASK IT BECAUSE WOOOOOOO 21ST CENTURY TECHNOLOGY.

First off, if you're on Twitter, look either me (@purplebuckeye) or Di (@DiMurphymn) up on Twitter, or find the show's account, @roughthepodcast. Ask us a question using the hashtag #AskRTP.

If you're not on Twitter...and hey, we get that not everyone is a fan of social media, ask us your question right here, in the comments section. If we don't answer your question on the show, we will answer it here on the thread.

Finally, if you don't like Twitter or leaving comments on a message board, email us at

What can you ask? Almost anything. If you want to talk Vikings, which is what we focus on, ask away. If you want to talk NFL, hey, we're pretty smart...well, Di is anyway...and we can even answer that question.

The only topic we won't talk about is politics or religion, because everyone agrees with every political or religious take out there and there's real no controversy there so yeah SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS no politics or religion questions.

So, ask away, and thanks for listening!