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Roughing The Podcast 4--We're on to Seattle

Ted and Di look at some current NFL news, put a bow on the Bengals game, and look ahead to the Seahawks

Dave Stefano

Hey, it's RTP 4...and unlike last time there will, in fact, be an episode 5. But let's not get ahead of ourselves and focus on what we just knocked out.

We open the show discussing good hospital drugs to take in case of a bike wreck (wait what)...and we manage to tie it into the Al Jazeera 4.

At about 4:45, we discuss the PED's investigation surrounding Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, and James Harrison, and how we think it will play out. We wrap up our NFL segment by talking about Christian Ponder being signed by the 49ers.

At the 20 minute mark we wrap up the Bengals game by starting with a review the line play...namely Andre Smith and Matt Kalil, and Ted convinces Di that Matt Kalil wasn't terrible. From there it's quarterback discussion time, to include the good games by backups Shaun Hill and Joel Stave. From there, it's a review of Laquon Treadwell's debut (good), C.J. going HAM, and the backup safety battles.

At the 52 minute mark, we turn our attention to the Seahawks, and emphatically state how pre-season games can't be 'revenge' games to avenge a loss in the regular season the year before, but this will totally be a revenge game. We talk about how much Cordarrelle Patterson will play and what it means, and whether or not the Vikings will give Adrian Peterson any carries. Finally, we give you one thing to look for on offense and defense while you're watching the game.

We wrap up this week's show by taking listener questions at about the 1:02 mark, and we discuss sleeper picks to make the roster, the defense's ceiling if Anthony Barr got hurt, and whether or not Matthews and Peppers were co-founders of ISIS (they totally were). And we tease you with who our superstar guest will be on the show next week.

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