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2016 Daily Norseman Fantasy League Sign-Up Thread

NFL: Preseason-Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Ladies and gentlemen, as we talked about over the weekend, this is the thread where anyone that’s interested can throw their hat into the ring and get involved in this year’s Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League, powered by Yahoo! Sports.

Similar to what we did last year, we’re asking you to grace us with your best fantasy football-related team names. They don’t necessarily have to be connected with the Minnesota Vikings, but such names will probably get you more points with the voting public.

Here are the rules for the contest:

  1. In the comments section, please submit your best Fantasy Football team name. If you post more than one team name, the only one I’m going to be looking at for you is the first one you submitted. When I go through to tally the votes at the end of things, I will be deleting multiple submissions so that only the first name everyone submitted remains. (If you’d like to just submit funny team names and not be considered for entry into the league, please specify that in your comment.)
  2. In the event that two people submit the same team name, only the first person that submitted it will get credit for it. The duplicate that was submitted later will be deleted so there is no confusion.
  3. Do not use replies to submit your team name. If you do, there’s a chance that I’ll miss it, and it could end up getting deleted when I remove the comments for multiple submissions. Basically, any submission for those wanting entry into the league should be aligned with the far left-hand side of the comments section.
  4. As a reader, if you like a particular team name that has been submitted, hit the “rec” under that name. This is how we are going to determine which players get into this year’s league.
  5. When the clock hits noon Central time on Wednesday, I will close down the comment section of this post and go through the submissions. The eight team names that receive the most “recs” will be the eight individuals that will be invited to participate in this year’s Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League.
  6. If you are chosen as one of the eight readers for this year’s league, I will send you an invite via the e-mail address that is on your SB Nation profile page. If there are folks that do not have an e-mail address attached to their SB Nation account, I will put a FanPost up asking those individuals that I couldn’t e-mail myself to e-mail me with the address they’d like their invite sent to.
  7. We ask that you accept your invite within 24 hours of us sending it to you. If you do not accept your invite within 24 hours, your invitation will be pulled and the next person on the list will get the invite instead. By the time we get everyone invited and (hopefully) finalized, we’ll be about two weeks away from the kickoff of the 2016 NFL season, so we need to get stuff in place.

With that, ladies and gentlemen, feel free to start submitting your contest names! I’m not gonna lie. . .with the names that the DN Staff members that have signed up for the league have already come up with, the bar has been set pretty high. But, there’s no doubt in my mind that many of you out there will come through.