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Ask Roughing The Podcast! Ask Matt Vensel!

Matt Vensel of the Strib joins us this week. Send us your questions for the show!

Hi kids. We've got another show scheduled to record tomorrow, and we have a special guest joining us.

Matt Vensel, Vikings beat writer from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, will be on the show discussing anything and everything Minnesota Vikings related. So, if you have a question for him, Di, or myself, ask it in one of the following ways:

1) Just leave your question in the comments below. That's the easiest way, and even if we don't get to the answer on the show, either Di or I will answer it in the thread.

'But Ted, Di, I just lurk here, don't have an account, and will miss the deadline with the 24 hour waiting period between signing up and being able to comment. WHAT WILL I DO NOW?'

Simple. There are two more ways you can submit your questions! Find either me, Di or the show on Twitter. My account is @purplebuckeye, Di's is @DiMurphyMN, and the show is @roughthepodcast. Tag one of us in your tweet, and add the hashtag #AskRTP.

'But guys, I don't do social media. What do I do now?'

All hope is not lost. Just email us at, and send us your question that way.

Scheduled for this week's show: Matt, Di and I will review the Seahawks game, preview the Chargers 'dress rehearsal' game, and I'm pretty sure we'll discuss the mystery of Teddy Bridgewater's shoulder that isn't sore or hurt in any way, shape, or form. Nope. Not at all.