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Roughing The Podcast, With Matt Vensel of The Star Tribune

The Vikings beat writer for the Star Tribune joins us for (most of) the show, talking Tedghazi, injuries, Seahawks, Chargers, and rosterbattles

Hi kids.

You know, life is all about timing. And if you ever want to have a Vikings beat writer on your humble little podcast, this would be the week. Because fresh on the heels of Tedghazi, Bridgewatergate...whatever this controversy is called...Di and Ted were fortunate enough to have Matt Vensel, Vikings beat writer for the Star Tribune, on the show.

We jumped right in and talked the Teddy Bridgewater controversy right off the bat, and got Matt's insights and an up to the minute status of what the situation is...or isn't.

At 22 minutes, we actually moved on to the Seahawks game, recapped the offensive line play, the defense, and Adam Thielen's performance. We also put Matt on the spot and asked him to compare this Vikings defense to the Ravens defenses he covered while he was a beat writer covering Baltimore.

At about the 36 minute mark, we went down the injuries to players not named Teddy Bridgewater, and got an up to the minute status of who is back, who is still hurt, and what the prognosis is for everyone.

At 39 minutes, we move to the dreaded 'dress rehearsal' game preview with the Chargers. We talk position battles, possible roster cuts...and then we encountered technical difficulties, lost Matt, and were unable to get him back.

However, Di and Ted were able to improvise, adapt, and overcome (cc:Gunny Highway), wrapped up the preview, and finished up the show by answering listener questions.

Much thanks to Matt for appearing on the show, and we hope he'll be back again soon.

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