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Yes, Minnesota Vikings Tickets Are Expensive

U.S. Bank Stadium Turf

With the Minnesota Vikings finally moving into U.S. Bank Stadium this season, you would expect their tickets to be among the NFL’s most expensive. A recent study shows just how expensive for fans looking to get into the secondary ticket market.

According to the folks at TicketIQ (courtesy of this article from the Washington Post), Vikings tickets come in as the eighth-most expensive in the National Football League. Based on a study that TicketIQ conducted, Vikings tickets cost an average of $315. That’s pretty expensive, but still a far cry from the top team on the list. Tickets to see the Seattle Seahawks cost $466, on average.

Despite the high price tag, the Vikings are still only the third-most expensive ticket in the NFC North. They’re behind the Chicago Bears ($377) and the Green Bay Packers ($372) in that category. The NFC North’s fourth team, the Detroit Lions, are actually among the NFL’s cheapest tickets at an average of $154.

According to the article, the Vikings did have the biggest increase from last season, as ticket prices rose a whopping 113% with the team moving into their new digs this season. The second biggest increase belongs to the Los Angeles Rams, who are bringing NFL football back to Los Angeles after a 20+ year absence. Their ticket prices “only” went up 88% from last year.

The National Football League is a multi-billion dollar industry that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. I’m not enough of an economics expert to know if teams are close to pricing their fans out of the stadium entirely, but it certainly doesn’t appear that things are going to get any cheaper any time soon.