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Vikings Announce U.S. Bank Stadium Sold Out For 2016

Stadium Snow

It seems like only yesterday we were talking about how expensive tickets are going to be at U.S. Bank Stadium this season. . .probably because it was only yesterday. However, it doesn’t appear that the price is going to stop the house from rocking in the first season in the Minnesota Vikings’ new home.

The Vikings have announced that all season tickets and all single-game tickets for the 2016 regular season have been sold. The stadium has a final attendance figure of 66,665, 60,400 of which were taken care of by season ticket sales.

Because of the demand, the team has launched a ticket and suite waiting list. The team is encouraging those that are still looking for tickets to add their name to the list and continue checking sources like Ticketmaster for tickets that might get returned during the course of the season, such as those that are allotted to other teams that don’t get sold.

With over 60,000 screaming Vikings fans at each home contest, it looks like we’re going to get a pretty accurate test of just how loud things can get in a football context rather than just how it works for other events. So, please, don’t sell your tickets to Green Bay fans. . .or any other fans, really, but especially them.