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Report: Vikings Trying To Trade John Sullivan; Cut Down Tracker

The Vikings are reportedly shopping the long time center while they start trimming the roster

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Not long after we posted our 53 man roster prediction, the Vikings started making their cuts down to 75 players...and a big rumor hit the Internet.

Although Joe Berger has outplayed Sullivan so far in this preseason, it's still surprising to hear that the Vikings are shopping him. On the other hand, both Nic Easton and Zac Kerin have played well at times, and Sullivan could be viewed as an expensive luxury if he's not going to be the starter.

I don't know what plans the Vikings have with Sullivan if they can't find a trade partner...but one would assume that if they're willing to trade him, they're willing to release him and go with one of the younger centers on the roster.

Whether via trade or release, it appears that one way or the other the John Sullivan era is coming to an end. He's been a heck of a player for the Vikings for seven seasons, and was at times the only consistently good offensive lineman in a period of team history where good players were often at a premium.

We here at The Daily Norseman wish John Sullivan nothing but the best, whether it's here in Minnesota, or elsewhere.

In other news, the Vikings have made these following cuts:

Update, 30 Aug 12:00 PM Central: Add WR Terrell Sinkfield to the list, making 9 total.

Update: 29 Aug 8:50 PM Central: Multiple sources reporting TE Brian Leonhardt will be released.

Sean Hickey, OL--He was the first cut that I saw reported.

Austin Shepherd, OL--Shepherd was kind of a surprise. I had him making the final roster. That's been the only surprise so far, other than the Sullivan trade news.

Thieren Cockran, DE

Terrance Plummer, LB

Claudell Louis, DT

Brad Sorenson, QB--His time with the Vikings ended with a whimper, not the bang that it came in with on the heels of Tedghazi. I still thought they might keep him through the first round of cuts, though. Just to have a third arm for Thursday, assuming Teddy doesn't play.

Marken Michel, WR