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Moritz Böhringer Walks The Walk

NFL: Pro Football Hall of Fame Game-Minnesota Vikings vs Pittsburgh Steelers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Some NFL players like to buy fancy cars with their hard-earned money. Some, like Harrison Smith, choose to hang on to cars that they’ve had for a while. But, at Minnesota Vikings practice, the man that comes from the home of some of the world’s most famous automobile brands has decided that he doesn’t need a vehicle at all.

That makes for a lot of walking, but receiver Moritz Böhringer has been doing it every day since joining the Vikings.

Böhringer, according to a story from CBS Sports, has eschewed a motor vehicle and instead has been walking approximately three miles. . .each way. . .to practice since joining the team.

"My girlfriend thinks it's pretty crazy, because, like most Americans, she drives everywhere," Boehringer said during a recent interview with Transferwise.

The German wide receiver actually has a pretty logical reason for not owning a car.

"The main reason why I walk everywhere is because I don't have a car because I wanted to save money," Boehringer said. "Every morning I just walk to the facility, and in the afternoon I walk back."

With the team practicing in Mankato and living in the dormitories on campus, he’s not walking three miles a day now. . .but, if he makes the team or the practice squad, he’ll be back to commuting on foot. It’s not a hard thing to do now that it’s summer in the upper Midwest, with the exception of the occasional heat wave. However, once we get to November or December, I’m not sure how enthusiastic the big German is going to be about his six-mile round-trip.

Hopefully one of his teammates lives close enough where they’ll at least offer him a ride or something. For now, though, Böhringer is going to continue hoofing it to and from the Vikings’ practice facility.