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AC Milan vs Chelsea at U.S. Bank Stadium Open Thread

Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings


Date: 3 August 2016
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Time: 8:00 PM Central Stadium: U.S. BANK STADIUM~!
TV: ESPN2 Radio: XM Ch 85
Sirius Ch 85
Locally: ??
TV Announcers: Whoever is in the booth at U.S. BANK STADIUM~! Know Thy Foes: AC Milan Offside
We Ain't Got No History
Weather: Indoors at U.S. BANK STADIUM~!
Line: Seriously, don't know
Chris' Prediction: Chelsea 2, AC Milan 0 (Disclaimer: I know nothing about soccer)
Final Score: The real winner here, obviously, is U.S. BANK STADIUM~!

It's nearly time for the start of the International Champions Cup game between AC Milan from Italy's Serie A and Chelsea from the English Premier League.

But who are we kidding? The real star tonight is, of course. . .as you can judge from the table above. . .U.S. BANK STADIUM~! Yes, the new home of the Minnesota Vikings is hosting its first sporting event this evening, and we finally get an opportunity to see what it looks like. Organizers are apparently expecting more than 55,000 people to attend this evening's contest, which will blow away the attendance record for a soccer match in the state of Minnesota.

Now, since this game is going to get underway at about 3:00 AM Thursday morning where I am, I'm going to have to wait for highlights, but this is for everyone that gets to watch things live on ESPN2. Tell us what you think about the stadium, whether or not the announcers talked about it, or anything else. . .and if the game happens to get in the way, that's alright too, I suppose.

Enjoy the stadium. . .er, game, ladies and gentlemen!