Emergency session of Troll Court has been called.

The Court rules that Teddy Bridgewater is done. The season is over. There is no chance that they will make any significant strides during this season. We can only pray he can be rebuilt.


Zim was upset. He just wants his kid to get better. He'd go into a dark alley with him every day of the week.

He'd also take Fusco.

And Barr.

And Berger.

And Peterson.

And a bunch of other guys currently in purple.

This season isn't over, kids. This is Mike Zimmer's team, and we're going to see what his team looks like when backed into a corner and facing a firing squad.

There are 16 games to play. Plus a preseason game.

And you know what? There are post-season games, as well.

The Vikings will NOT be favored. EVER. They will have a backup QB that makes Ponder passes look crisp and a 40-year old Favre look spry. You can just forget the deep ball. There will be 11 guys in the box. And you know what?

Fuck you. We have Adrian Peterson, the greatest back this century.

And we have Tony Sparano's new band of pissed off band of marauders, slapped together and led by Alex "Fuck your fuzzy hat, Daniel" Boone. They're gonna wanna maul people.

And when you're tired from the beating, and you're happy you forced a punt out of these psychos 9 times outta 10...

Fuck you.

We have Barr. And Griffen. And Linval can control the line of scrimmage like black holes control gravity.

It's gonna hurt.

Every. Damn. Snap.

And just try to pass. If Harri doesn't catch it, those damn younguns have been listening to Zim. They're primed for Bear (or Lion, or Titan, or Packer.)

This season isn't over. It's just beginning. Tomorrow, the sun will rise.

And our boys are gonna be pissed.

So fuck you and the Las Vegas odds you rode in on.

The Court has ruled.


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