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Roughing The Podcast 6: Talking Teddy

Ted and Di break down the Teddy Bridgewater injury, possible QB scenarios going forward, and what to expect now

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Episode six of Roughing The Podcast is here, for your enjoyment and listening pleasure.

Or, in light of the day's news, grab a triple finger of Glenlivet, and cry in your drink as Di tries to convince Ted the sky has not, in fact, fallen.

It so has...but even Ted kind of tries to rally at one point. Look, it's short lived, but he tries.

Our show starts off by talking 'bout Teddy's knee dislocation. As the show was recording, we received live updates on the severity of Teddy's knee, and you can get our real time reaction as it went down. We then moved on to expectations adjustment, if there are any, and possible quarterback options. We also discuss what soap our mother's washed our mouths out with when we used bad words.

At the 22 minute mark, we move on to other Vikings news, to include the news that John Sullivan was released...which was going to be the big news until the Teddy injury occurred.

At 34 minutes we review the Chargers game, and do a half hearted Rams preview...because a) it's the 4th pre-season game and b) with the season lost who cares.

Finally, we wrap up the show with listener questions.

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