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“Bear Down”: New At The Daily Norseman Store

You can get this t-shirt at the NEW Daily Norseman store!
Gameday Depot

We’re happy to announce our first new design that we’re going to have available at the new Daily Norseman store. This one was given to us by the folks from Gameday Depot, and hopefully it will be the first of many.

As you can see above, this shirt targets. . .literally and figuratively. . .one of the Minnesota Vikings’ NFC North rivals, the Chicago Bears. It shows a hunter after a successful encounter with his target, and the hunter has what Bob Ross might call a happy little Daily Norseman logo on his hunting vest.

The shirts start at the low price of $18.99, and can be purchased in either purple, black, or gray. Bigger sizes will cost slightly more, and the type of t-shirt you choose will also have an effect on the price. You can check out all the pricing and style options at this link.

(Yes, Gameday Depot also produces a Packers version of this same shirt for the folks at Acme Packing Company. . .but, seriously, why on earth would you want that one?)

This design is also available in hoodie form starting at $40.99. As far as the hoodie is concerned, in the words of Henry Ford, you can have any color you want. . .as long as it’s black.

Once again, all of the money that comes from the sale of shirts and hoodies through the Daily Norseman store at Gameday Depot is going to be donated to charity.

We hope to have a couple more designs out and ready in the very near future. We will be putting together one with the site logo, and we’re going to try to get one with the old school logo as well, though the odds of that one are not promising at this point. When we get them ready to put out, we will post about them here.