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Ask Roughing The Podcast! Almost Anything!

Got a question about the Vikings as they begin the pre-season? Got a question about (almost) anything? Ask it!

Hey, we're taking questions for the show!
Hey, we're taking questions for the show!

Di Murphy and I are getting set to record another episode of Roughing The Podcast Thursday, and one of our segments is going to be either an interview or answering questions from you, our great listeners and readers of this great community.

Sometimes, we'll be able to do both, like in our last episode. But that was mostly because our guest was Fearless Leader himself Chris Gates, and we were doing some serious brown nosing and over achieving. He won't be on this week, so that ends, immediately.

However, we still want to hear from you, the commentariat. Got a question about the pre-season opener against Cincinnati? Ask it! Got a question about the team and the upcoming season in general? Ask it! Got a question about the NFL? Ask it! Got a question about training camp? Ask it!Got a question about the Ogallala aquafer? Ask it!

What about politics or religion? Do. Not. Ask. That. Question.

"Well, I really am interested in what Di and Ted feel would be the best way to slow the alarming depletion rate of the Ogallala aquifer', you're thinking to yourself, "but I don't know how to get a hold of them. HOW DOES THIS QUESTION PROCESS WORK?"

Calm down, it'll be okay. Just leave a question in the comments section below, and we'll answer it. If the questions become so voluminous that we can't get to each one on the show, we will at least answer it in the thread.

"I am a social media gadfly, I hate message boards, yet I want to ask a question about John Pope and his failed tenure as the Commanding General of the Army of the Potomac and his subsequent demotion to the Minnesota Frontier, so I don't want to leave a comment here", you're thinking to yourself. "HOW CAN I PARTICIPATE IN THIS NEW AND EXCITING VENTURE?"

Really, it's okay, quit yelling. Just find either me (@purplebuckeye),  Di (@DiMurphyMN), or the show (@roughthepodcast) on Twitter, and ask us your question in under 140 characters with the hashtag #AskRTP at the end.

"But my question is so private that I can only ask it in email, because if people knew I wanted to know about how to date a clown mannequin and be accepted in normal society I couldn't show my face at work."

No, you couldn't, if we're being completely honest with ourselves, you have issues that a weekly podcast cannot fix. You're probably a pretty disturbed person who needs serious psychiatric care, BUT WE WILL ANSWER THAT WEIRD ASS QUESTION ANYWAY BECAUSE WE CARE, MAN.

Just email us at: If we don't answer your question on the show, we will return your email and answer your question. And Hell yeah we'll BCC DHS, the FBI, and local law enforcement, but let's not worry about that for now.

Simple, right?

This was a rhetorical question, kids. Of course it's simple. For those of you in Detroit Lakes, 'rhetorical' means we didn't really expect an answer to the question because said answer was obvious. Now go lick a sugar beet.

Just leave your question below and we'll get to it when we record on Thursday. Or hit us up on Twitter. Or email us.

Also, John Pope was an idiot. Not as much of an idiot as George McClellan, Joe Hooker, or Ambrose Burnside, but an idiot nonetheless.