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Vikings unveil Color Rush uniforms

The all-purple uniforms with gold numbers and accents will be worn on December 1st against the Dallas Cowboys.

This is what the Vikings will be wearing on December 1st.
Minnesota Vikings

For months now we’ve been speculating on what the Minnesota Vikings would wear in their "Color Rush" game. Would they be all gold? Would they be all purple? Would they be Brian Robison’s personal favorite, all black? Would they wear one scheme for Thanksgiving against the Detroit Lions and another for the Thursday night game against the Dallas Cowboys?

We’re still not 100% sure on the last question, but we do know for sure that this is what the Vikings will be wearing when they host the Cowboys on their Week 13 game:

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of a lot of the Color Rush uniforms I have seen thus far, but these actually aren’t too bad. More importantly, it could have been much, much worse. Going with all gold would have been an eyesore and all black seems like a cop out since it isn’t one of the Vikings’ main colors. The all purple look with gold accents stays true to the Vikings look while still offering something unique. I think the Color Rush jerseys will be a pretty hot seller and you’ll be seeing plenty of them in the stands at US Bank Stadium this year.

As of now there hasn’t been anything announced regarding uniforms for the Thanksgiving game, which is the week before the matchup against Dallas. Perhaps we’ll see something announced later, but for now it looks like the Vikings may just suit up in their regular road uniforms for their holiday game.

What do you think of the Color Rush uniforms? Good, bad, meh? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE 8:43 AM: Added a poll.