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Eric Kendricks Listens To His Mother

While the pick-six that turned Sunday’s game around was a surprise to most of us, at least one person knew it was coming.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Listening to your mother is important. No matter how old you are, when your mother tells you to do something, you probably ought to do it and do it right.

As Exhibit A in this case, we give you Minnesota Vikings’ linebacker Eric Kendricks. Kendricks made the biggest play of the Vikings’ 25-16 victory over the Tennessee Titans in Week 1 when he stepped in front of a Marcus Mariota pass and took it 77 yards the other way for his first career NFL touchdown.

Just like his mom told him to.

My mom gets what she wants

A photo posted by Eric Kendricks (@erickendricks54) on

Kendricks posted this exchange on his Instagram after the game. Kendricks’ mother encouraged her son to go out and pick up a sack of Mariota during Sunday’s game, but Kendricks had apparently set his sights higher. His mother agreed with him, telling him to “make it a pick 6 while you’re at it.”

He went out and did just that.

I don’t know if he can pull that off every game, but I wholly endorse his mother continuing to encourage his behavior.