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Roughing The Podcast Is Undefeated

Episode 8 talks the week one Vikings win in Tennessee, some Vikings news that occurred before and after the game, and then preview the hated Packers

Roughing The Podcast is undefeated. We're excited, too!!
Roughing The Podcast is undefeated. We're excited, too!!
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Our eighth episode finds RTP undefeated, at 1-0.

Look, it's not our fault that we haven't had a show during any regular season games until now. Wait, it kind of is, but whatever. We are the only undefeated Vikings podcast on the Internet, and that is a fact.

Unless, you know...there's another one that just started this season. Then whatever.

Anyway, in this episode, Di and Ted discuss:

The win in Nashville! We discuss Blair Walsh and the slow start, Ted getting smacked talk by a 12 year old while in the stadium watching the game, the defense, the second half, Shaun Hill, the running game, and everything else that led to the Vikings 25-16 victory. A victory predicted by Ted within two points, and much more accurate than Di's prediction.

From there, we discussed some Vikings news. Namely, Xavier Rhodes' knee injury, and the long term prognosis. We also talked about a couple wide receivers, Laquon Treadwell and Jarius Wright, and what their not playing (and in the case of Wright) being inactivated means, if anything. Finally, we shoot our shot on who starts at quarterback.

From there, we preview the Packers game. And we do it without swearing, even though we both despise the Packers (Twitter accounts aside, we're a family friendly show). Also, they make a score prediction, and because Ted has no faith in anything, he gives two predictions with a lame excuse. Di, however, is firm in her prediction.

Finally, we take listener questions.

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