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Norse Code Podcast Episode 147: Free Hundley / China Food with guest Justis Mosqueda

Is Sam Bradford any good? What about Adrian Peterson? What about Aaron Rodgers? How fat is Eddie Lacy, and what did he have for lunch today? Is every player worth a first round draft pick or a $200 million contract? Is Carson Palmer good enough for the Hall of Very Good? Norse Code MVP/LVP Justis Mosqueda joins Arif and Dusty to answer all these questions and many more before serving up a 32-course meal of hot, fresh takes from all over the league. Featuring fantastic nicknames for Brock Osweiler and Tyrod Taylor, this Green Bay preview episode is a phenomenal first look at basically the entire 2016 NFL season.

We bring on long-time friend of the show and frequent guest Justis Mosqueda to talk trash and a little bit of football. He gets some stuff about the Sam Bradford trade off of his chest, we talk Hall of Very Good and also talk about the Packers game, I guess.

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Episode Notes:

This is that Jason Verrett Vine:

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