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Vikings, Packers players get Tonight Show superlatives treatment

Some players from Minnesota and Green Bay were lucky(?) enough to get their team photos lambasted by Jimmy Fallon.

Audie Cole’s superlative was spot on.
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Those of you familiar with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon have likely seen one of his long-running bits, “Tonight Show Superlatives.” Fallon and his writers take the team-issued headshot photos of athletes and create outlandish yearbook-style superlatives that best fit the pictures. (For a better idea of how this works, check out this “best of” gallery of previous superlatives the show has done.) Since the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers are squaring off on Sunday Night Football—which is on NBC, just like The Tonight Show—Fallon and his writers chose to take on players from the upcoming Border Battle.

The results were pretty great. Four Vikings players got the superlatives treatment:

  • Audie Cole: Most Likely To Be A Snapchat Face Swap Of You And Your Girlfriend
  • Shamar Stephen: Most Likely To Cry After Losing A Balloon
  • Shaun Hill: Most Likely To Rub His Butt On The Rug Like A Dog
  • Jeff Locke: Most Likely To Have To Warn The Team Again About His Intense Peanut Allergy (the “Again” part just killed me)

There were some excellent superlatives for the Packers players as well. You can view the full video below to get the full effect of how the pictures and superlatives match up.