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Roughing The Podcast 9: Packers Review, Panthers Preview

We also make a major announcement regarding next week's show. It's yuuuge

The Tommy Kramer episode kicks off with Di not even giving Ted the courtesy of a 'hello' before berating him for being wrong...when he wasn't...and it only goes downhill from there. From there we conclude the intro by debating the merits of books being made into movies, and discuss our Sunday ritual being altered because of Sunday Night Football.

From there, we moved on to a recap of the Packers game. We talked good and bad, and the good went first, starting out with Sam Bradford and Stefon Diggs. We then discussed receivers not named Stefon Diggs, namely Adam Thielen and Kyle Rudolph. From there we moved on to the defensive line, and how well they played and harassed Aaron Rodgers all night long.

Then it was time to talk the bad. We got into a lengthy discussion about Adrian Peterson, and what the Vikings will do with him moving forward. From there, we talked the offensive line, and any possible remedies to fix. We also talked about how the running game will now look with Jerick McKinnon and Matt Asiata, and how they might not be better running backs than AP, but how the running game might be more effective. We then talked the play of the offensive line, and went in depth about possible remedies...of which there are few. We also gave you a great quote from Alex Boone...who went to Ohio State.

We wrapped up the Green Bay game by asking: Did Trae Waynes have a good game, or a bad game?

From there, we moved on to the Carolina preview. Looking at the Vikings defense, we discussed what they need to do to stop the Panthers. Basically, it all begins and ends with Cam Newton. On offense, we discussed what the Vikings can do to attack the Panthers, and what matchups favor them.

From there, we move on to listener questions, predictions for the Panthers game...and a major announcement. Like a huge, major announcement. You'll want to listen, because it involves multiple podcasts, and it's gonna be pretty cool. We're really excited.

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