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Vikings at Panthers game could be moved

The civil unrest in the Charlotte area is threatening to affect Sunday’s game.

News: Keith Scott Shooting Greenville News-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE 11:57 AM: As of right now it looks like the game will be played in Charlotte as planned. The NFL’s official statement:

Just when you thought this week couldn’t get any stranger for the Vikings...

A team dealing with injuries—especially lots and lots of injuries to key players—is certainly difficult. But that’s nothing compared to the real-world crisis that is currently going on in Charlotte, the hometown of the Carolina Panthers.

Protests stemming from a police-involved shooting have boiled over into violence the past two nights in Charlotte. The unrest has been perilous enough to cause concern about the city hosting an NFL football game in three days. The local FOX affiliate in Charlotte reported that the team is considering moving the game:

The Panthers have been in touch with local authorities and the NFL about the situation. An official statement from the Panthers was released on Twitter:

There is no word about where the game may be played if the league deems a move necessary. If there is more about this situation that develops in the coming hours and days, we’ll be sure to pass it along to you here.


Please, please, PLEASE do not turn this into a political discussion in the comments. This is DEFINITELY not the place to discuss the cause of the protests and where you stand on the issue. This post is strictly about how the protests may affect the game on Sunday. Nothing more. Thank you.