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Interesting Vikings Stats So Far This Season

A list of interesting- and surprising- stats after three games.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Before the season started, I'm not sure many would have predicted that the Vikings would be dead last in the league in rushing, but they are with only 153 total yards rushing for the season and a putrid 2.1 yard per carry average.

But then again, after the loss of Teddy Bridgewater at QB, I'm not sure many would have predicted the Vikings to be 3-0 right now, and the highest they've been in the power rankings since probably 2009 or maybe early 2010 before the collapse.

Here's some more interesting, and perhaps surprising, stats:

Sam Bradford

at Carolina 10/25/15:  26/46 (56.5%) for 205 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT, 5 sacks, 58.7 passer rating.

at Carolina   9/25/16:  18/28 (64.0%) for 171 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, 2 sacks, 93.0 passer rating.

#4 in NFL in QB rating, at 107.8

#5 in NFL in QB completion %, at 67.8%

#10 in NFL  in adjusted net yards per attempt (ANY/A) at 7.18

Danielle Hunter

#3 Vikings player in scoring, behind Blair Walsh and Kyle Rudolph, with 8 points.

#3 in NFL in sack yards, with 28

Everson Griffen

#1 in NFL in sack yards, with 47

Stefon Diggs

#2 in NFL in receiving yards

Kyle Rudolph

#6 in NFL in TE receiving yards

Vikings Defense

#2 in NFL in takeaways, with 9

#4 in NFL in opponent INT %, at 4.42%

#1 in NFL in yards per play allowed, at 4.4

#5 in NFL in yards per completion allowed, at 9.4

#3 in NFL in points allowed per game, at 13.3

#1 in NFL in sack percentage, at 11.7%.

#3 in NFL in tackles-for-loss (TFLs), with 16

#1 (tied) in NFL in TDs, with 2

#4 in NFL in opponent scoring % allowed (# of drives / # of scoring drives), at 22.9%


#10 in NFL in Avg. 1st half points allowed, at 9.0

#4 in NFL in Avg. 2nd half points allowed, at 4.3


#29 in NFL in 3rd down conversion percentage allowed, at 46.5%

#26 in NFL in red zone TD scoring allowed, at 71.43%

Vikings Offense

#31 in NFL in overall yards, with 796.

#30 in NFL in average number of offensive plays per game, at 57.3

#31 in NFL in first downs at 43, and first down %, at 25%.

#32 in NFL in average rushing yards per game, at 51

#32 in NFL in average rushing yards per attempt, at 2.1

#32 in NFL in stuffed run percentage, at 23% - 4% higher than #31.

#32 in NFL in rushing average rushing 1st downs per game, with 2.3

#25 in NFL in 3rd down conversions, at 32.50%


#29 in NFL in average pass attempts per game, at 30.7

#3 in NFL in passing yards percentage (passing yards / total yards) at 80.78%


#30 in NFL in Avg. 1st half points per game, at 6.0

#5 (tied) in NFL in Avg. 2nd half points per game, at 15.3


#10 in NFL in QB rating at 96.9.

#11 (tied) in NFL in QB sacks allowed per game, at 2.0.

#3 in NFL in 2nd half QB rating, at 116.2

#4 in NFL in QB rating in the red zone, at 125

#1 in NFL in QB rating inside the 10, at 139.6

#1 (tied) in NFL in INTs, with 0.

#4 (tied) in NFL in Yards at the Catch, at 7.71

#27 in NFL in Yards after the Catch, at 4.24

Team Stats

#1 in NFL in Turnover differential (takeaways - giveaways) at +8

#4 in NFL in points per game differential (points scored - points allowed) at +8

#1 in NFL in average non-offense TDs per game, at 1.0


So, what does all this mean?

  • The Vikings have gotten to 3-0 based on strong defensive and QB play
  • This has had a big impact on turnover differential
  • The Vikings have started slow, but finished strong.
  • The Vikings' running game sucks
  • 3rd down has not been good on either side of the ball
  • The margin of victory has been provided by the defense or special teams