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A Vikings Podcast To End All Podcasts*

*Not like literally end, as in no more. But after last night...people might be in favor of that.

Last night Eric, Di, Arif, Andy Carlson, Yinka Ayinde, Luke Inman, and little ol' me met at the Indeed Brewing Company in Minneapolis, and put together what we dubbed the mega-podcast. It was a combination of Roughing The Podcast, Norse Code, The Andy, Luke, and Arif Football Machine, and Vikings Digital Diaries.

Some things we learned:

Andy needs more headsets.

At 5'8" tall, I would be a power forward if we were a basketball team. A basketball team that would win exactly zero games.

Di is taller than Arif. We did the back to back measurement, just to be sure.

Indeed Brewing makes some great beer, and the Blue Door Pub supplied some pretty fantastic food.

Oh, we talked Vikings, too. We looked at the first few games this year, talked about the upcoming Giants game, and generally had a pretty good time. Oh, at the end of the show, we had a football trivia contest, and one of the answers had to be incorrect.

It just had to be. Or everything I know is a lie.

Enjoy the show, and Roughing The Podcast will return next week: