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Video: Rick Spielman On The Dan Patrick Show

On Wednesday, the General Manager of the Minnesota Vikings got a national platform to talk about a couple of different topics.

Rick Spielman was a guest on The Dan Patrick Show today, and discussed numerous topics with the former SportsCenter anchor. The primary topic of conversation is, of course, the trade that brought the Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford. Spielman goes into a bit of the thought process that went into making the deal. He also gets into what Bradford's role is expected to be for Week 1 against the Tennessee Titans.

We got the Peter King piece earlier this week that talked about the big trade, and it's kind of nice to be able to hear Spielman talk about things in his own words.

The interview runs about nine minutes, so it isn't terribly long or anything. Still, it gives a little more perspective to what's one of the biggest news stories of the Vikings' season. It's like hearing Rickspeak form in real time!