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Video: Teddy Bridgewater Rehabbing His Knee

It’s Teddy! And he’s doing things!

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

With the offseason officially underway, I’m sure there’s been at least one occasion where just about every Minnesota Vikings fan has said to themselves, “You know, I wonder how Teddy Bridgewater’s rehab from his knee injury is going.”

Well, we have an answer. Six glorious seconds worth of an answer.

A “Vine” was put out today showing #5 going through some of his rehab at a medical facility in Parts Unknown. From the looks of things, his rehab seems to be going just fine.

Bridgewater is doing an agility drill of some kind. For someone just a few months removed from a major knee surgery, it looks like things are going relatively well.

Bridgewater’s progress is going to be the big story of the offseason for the Vikings. The team is going to have to make the decision on his fifth-year option shortly after the 2017 NFL Draft, and with that option potentially carrying a price tag of about $15 million (or more), it’s not a decision the Vikings are going to take lightly. The progress that Teddy makes in his comeback is going to play a huge role in that decision.

Hopefully there will be more progress reports from Bridgewater and the Vikings as the offseason goes along.