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Adrian Peterson Helps Stranded Motorist

The running back helped to push a vehicle out of harm’s way in Houston.

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

2016 may have been a season to forget for Adrian Peterson, but he’s helped to make the early part of 2017 more memorable for a stranded motorist in Houston, Texas.

Courtesy of the Twitter account of Larry Fitzgerald, Sr., we have photos of the Vikings’ all-time leading rusher helping to move a pickup truck out of traffic.

You can see that Peterson wasn’t alone in his efforts, as some other helpful citizens pitched in as well. There aren’t any pictures of the end result of all that pushing, but presumably Peterson and company helped to get the flow of traffic moving once again.

Given that Peterson was dealing with a knee injury this past season, hopefully his willingness to help didn’t aggravate that in any meaningful way.

The Vikings have a decision to make on Peterson’s future in purple in a couple of weeks. I think there’s a certain motorist deep in the heart of Texas that would be firmly in the “keep” column if he had a say in the matter. But, whether he stays in Minnesota or not, kudos to #28 for getting out and helping folks that need a hand.