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NFL Playoff Schedule 2017

The teams are all set, and the times for Wild Card Weekend have been announced.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills

The 2016 NFL regular season is officially in the books, and we have all of the matchups for Wild Card weekend and times for the Divisional round games. Let’s take a quick look at what we’re going to be watching next weekend.

Saturday, 7 January

Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans - 3:35 PM Central time, ESPN/ABC

Detroit Lions at Seattle Seahawks - 7:15 PM Central time, NBC

Sunday, 8 January

Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers - 12:05 PM Central time, CBS

New York Giants at Green Bay Packers - 3:40 PM Central time, FOX

Saturday, 14 January

Highest Remaining NFC seed (Seattle/Green Bay/New York) at Atlanta Falcons - 3:35 PM Central time, FOX

Lowest Remaining AFC seed (Houston/Oakland/Miami) at New England Patriots - 7:15 PM Central time, CBS

Sunday, 15 January

Highest Remaining AFC seed (Pittsburgh/Houston/Oakland) at Kansas City Chiefs - 12:05 PM Central time, NBC

Lowest Remaining NFC seed (Green Bay/New York/Detroit) at Dallas Cowboys - 3:40 PM Central time, FOX

Sunday, 22 January

NFC Championship Game - 2:05 PM Central time, FOX

AFC Championship Game - 5:40 PM Central time, CBS

Sunday, 29 January

2017 Pro Bowl - 7:00 PM Central time, ESPN

Sunday, 5 February

Super Bowl LI - 5:30 PM Central time, FOX