Eric on the Chase Thomas Podcast


Yours truly was a guest on the revamped Chase Thomas Podcast (formerly known as the Cut to the Chase Podcast), where Chase interviews all sorts of interesting people in the world of sports--and me.

Case in point, the first guest of the episode is none other than Twitter royalty Lana Berry. For those unaware of her work, Lana was one of the first self-made Twitter stars of the sports landscape. She is now the author of two excellent eBooks that share her secrets of how she became "Internet Famous."

Lana and Chase discuss a little bit of everything before I join Chase to talk football. We do a postmortem on the Vikings season, discuss why we'd both do the Sam Bradford trade again, and look ahead to what the Vikings can do to improve going forward. We also discuss how Chase's hometown Falcons took care of the Packers and how they'll prepare to take on the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. (We also draw a couple "5-0 to 8-8 to the Super Bowl the following season" parallels between Minnesota and Atlanta.)

Click the iTunes link in the title to give it a listen; the SoundCloud link is available here. Chase is an excellent host that makes his interviews feel like a casual sports conversation between friends. My segment starts at the 53 minute mark, but you should listen to the whole thing because Lana is always outstanding.