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George Paton On Colts’ List, Too

Indianapolis has asked for permission to talk with Minnesota’s Assistant GM

NFL: Chicago Bears at Indianapolis Colts
This is Jim Irsay, not George Paton. But we still only have the one picture of Paton, so we’re giving it a rest.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like George Paton is becoming more and more popular for teams that have front office openings.

According to our friends over at Stampede Blue, the Indianapolis Colts have requested an interview with Paton to fill their recently-opened General Manager spot. The Colts recently fired their GM, Ryan Grigson. Paton also recently was named as getting a second interview with the San Francisco 49ers.

While there are a few significant differences between the Niners job and the Colts job, one of the more significant ones is that while the Colts fired their General Manager, they kept their head coach, Chuck Pagano. That means that Paton (or any other exec that would take the job) wouldn’t be putting “their guy” into the head coach spot. According to recent speculation, current Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan has all but signed a contract to be the Niners’ next head coach, but they don’t have anyone in that spot right now.

Obviously, the Niners face a much more extensive rebuild than the Colts do, and the Colts have Andrew Luck to build around for the long-term. Still, it looks like Paton might have a choice of teams to run if he desires to leave Minnesota.