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A Correction On The Adrian Peterson Timeline

It turns out that the Vikings have more time than I originally figured

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

As happens on occasion, yours truly made a mistake on a story that I had put together earlier this morning.

I had erroneously posted that the Minnesota Vikings needed to make a decision on Adrian Peterson’s base salary for the 2017 season by Super Bowl Sunday. Apparently, as I have since been told by others, this is not the case. Minneapolis Star-Tribune reporter Matt Vensel appears to have sorted things out better than I have.

This is entirely my fault for failing to draw the distinction between the end of the 2016 NFL season and the end of the 2016 NFL league year. The league year doesn’t end until just before the start of free agency in March, and that is when the team has to make a decision on Peterson’s salary for 2017. . .not by the end of the season, which is next Sunday.

I was going off of information from the folks at Spotrac, which it turns out is erroneous. However, the mistake ultimately falls on me for not cross-checking that data with any other sources. I’m not sure why I failed to make the distinction, as it’s one that I’ve made several times in the past for contract situations.

So, it turns out that this week is not ground zero for the Minnesota Vikings to make a decision on Adrian Peterson. It turns out that we have another whole month to speculate on what’s going to happen with the Vikings’ star running back.

Thanks to Matt Vensel for setting me straight on this subject, and once again you have my apologies for passing along the incorrect data in the first place.