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The 2016 Minnesota Vikings word cloud is exactly how you thought it would be

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The most used words on /r/MinnesotaVikings are pretty telling of how the season went.

It was a pretty ****ing crazy year for the Vikings.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...well, mostly the worst of times after the 5-0 start, but there were some good times mixed in there. I swear.

Speaking of swearing...

Reddit user Niehaus specializes in making word clouds for various subreddits and usually does them for the sites of every professional team. He was kind enough to break down exactly which words were used the most on /r/MinnesotaVikings in 2016. The results...shouldn’t surprise you at all. Here is the word cloud in all its (rather explicit) glory:

After the obvious #1 word (Vikings), the top ten words were as follows:

2. Teddy

Not bad for a guy that didn’t play a snap this year. We miss you Teddy!

3. Line

Call me crazy, but I don’t think most of those conversations revolved around Zach Line.

4. The F word

I’m surprised it wasn’t higher to be honest.

5. The S word


6. Defense

Finally, something that was mostly positive this season! Although maybe it made a late run up the list when the D faltered down the stretch.

7. Packers

When Green Bay fans make fun of us about how obsessed we are with them, please don’t show them this post. Because according to this word cloud it’s kind of true.

8. Bradford

How fitting that a team that went 8-8 has their quarterback that wears #8 come in at #8 on this list.

9. QB

I’m sure this was usually accompanied by a nice mix of the #2 and #8 words on this list.

10. The gerund form of the F word

Because in a season like this, why wouldn’t three swear words make the top 10?

You can check out the entire list of the top 1,000 words used on the subreddit here, along with a couple alternative images that removed a few of the bigger words so you can see the peripheral words a little easier. Thanks again to Niehaus for sharing this incredible work.