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The People Have Spoken! Get Your Duck, Duck, Gray Duck T-Shirt!

It’s pretty awesome!

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve had our debates about it, and the people have spoken. . .both here and on the Twitters.

Yes, it appears that a majority of the fans believe that it’s “Duck, Duck, Gray Duck,” and to celebrate, we’re putting out a sweet new t-shirt that you can have for your very own.

As you can see, the t-shirt comes in beautiful Minnesota Vikings purple, and does feature the ducks celebrating in the end zone, much like we saw in the Vikings’ victory over the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football. And, yes. . .the one on the end is not a goose. It is, in fact, a gray duck.

(We can debate “Gray” vs “Grey” at another time.)

The shirts are printed right here in the U.S.A., and can be ordered in sizes from small all the way up to 3XL. Sizes up to XL cost $24, while a 2XL is $25 and a 3XL is $26.

So, if you’d like to really feel Minnesota, you can get yourselves a sweet “Duck, Duck, Gray Duck” t-shirt with a Minnesota Vikings flair right now! Just click the link either in this paragraph or at the start of the third paragraph and you can grab one.