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Thursday Open Thread: October 12, 2017

Thirsty Thorsday has arrived. Cheers!

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

Merry Thorsday, everyone!

Hey, we’re making our way through the week and toward our biggest game of this young season. I honestly will not expect to see Bradford again this year (hey, if I’m wrong, I’ll be pleasantly surprised), so I’ll just be prepared to see Keenum lead the offense until Teddy comes back. As far as backups go, I’ll take Keenum over most. With our defense, we don’t have to have Joe Montana under center. Denver won the Super Bowl a couple years ago with a corpse under center, so it’s not impossible.

Around the DN since our last open thread:

Arif posted Norse Code Episode 201: Frustratingly Comprehensible.

Chris shared a story from the Mothership, and the Vikings aren’t the best in the NFC North; they also aren’t the worst. I’ll go out on a limb here & say that they probably have them somewhere in the middle.

Ted is here with your weekly Zim Tzu, and Zim Tzu can barely tolerate you.

Ted and Di posted Roughing the Podcast 33: It’s Duck, Duck......Grey Duck?

Vikings news from other sources:

At, Wobby opened the Pick 6 Mailbag, Zimmer had some great advice for Green Bay in yesterday’s presser, and there are other videos for you to look through in the media vault.

News from around the rest of the NFL:

From the Sporting News, Browns victim QB DeShone Kizer liked a comment on Twitter (then unliked it shortly after). It was a comment just stating a well-known fact that the Browns are the worst run organization in football, I’m guessing that’ll go over like a fart in church.

From, new Cardinals RB Adrian Peterson says he ‘has a lot left in the tank’. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Peterson do well in Arizona, it’s a much better fit for him than where he was, and the guy has shown that he can do things that seem impossible.

We come to our media selection:

Hey, since our home game against the Packers is just a few days away, let’s watch one of my favorite Vikings vs. Packers home games. This is from week 4 in the 2009 season, enjoy! Thanks to Ted for the reminder that the NFL won't allow you to see the video I had up here. Let's play one for Roger Goodell.

We all know the rules, but in case someone is new:

-No discussion of politics or religion
-No feeding of the trolls
-This isn't a male version of The View, so leave the gender hatred at the door
-Keep vulgar language to a minimum, using spoiler tags if you must
-No pictures that could get someone fired or in serious trouble with their employer
-If you can't disagree in a civil manner, feel free to go away
-While navigating the open thread, just assume it's sarcasm

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open. Belly up & tie one on. Don't forget to tip your waitress, & try the chitlins.