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Teddy Bridgewater Officially Cleared To Practice

Now, we await the Vikings activating him

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Minnesota Vikings Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Really, there isn’t a whole lot more I can add.

Teddy Bridgewater, who almost lost his leg because of a freak, non-contact injury about fourteen months ago, has been officially cleared by his doctor to resume practicing with the Minnesota Vikings. Now, we await the Vikings officially removing him from the PUP List and putting him on the practice field.

We briefly went over the steps that need to happen for Bridgewater to complete the comeback in an earlier post. However, this news is just so damn good that we need a separate post just for it. Bridgewater has become such a beloved member of the team and the Twin Cities community, and this news can’t really be interpreted as anything but outstanding.

The next step is for the Vikings to remove him from the PUP List, which would allow him to start practicing with the team. We’ll see when that happens, but from the reports we’ve heard over the past few weeks, I would expect it to be relatively soon. We will continue keeping you posted.