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Packers coach Mike McCarthy Calls Hit on Aaron Rodgers “Illegal”

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

In press conferences today, the head coaches of the Vikings and Packers differed in their assessment of Anthony Barr’s hit on Aaron Rodgers which resulted in a broken collarbone for Rodgers, possibly ending his season.

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy was asked about the hit on Rodgers during his press conference today, to which he responded:

"I didn't like the hit. I had a chance to watch it last night on the plane. He's out of the pocket. He's clearly expecting to get hit, but to pin him to the ground like that, I felt was an illegal act. To sit here and lose any of your players on something like that doesn't feel very good. I didn't like the hit. It was unnecessary, illegal, whatever you want to put it. It was totally unnecessary in my opinion."

Earlier, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer was asked about Barr’s hit on Rodgers as well, and said the following:

“We’re playing football, and it’s unfortunate that he got hurt, but I think everybody was above board. We’re not a dirty football team; we’ll never be a dirty football team as long as I’m here. We’re going to play within the rules, and sometimes things happen.”

Just to review, here is a video clip of Barr’s hit on Rodgers:

In discussing the hit, Mike Pereira, former Vice President of Officiating in the National Football League and Current Rules Analyst at FOX Sports, had this to say:

While it’s certainly understandable that emotions run high on a play where your franchise quarterback is lost for an extended period or even the rest of the season, McCarthy’s interview was the next day, and his comments made after having some time to look at the film, etc.

By contrast, Mike Pereira and Dean Blandino later discuss the hit again, and find it was perfectly legal:

I haven’t heard at this point of any authority associated with the NFL officiating or rules saying Barr’s hit was illegal, or dirty, or should have been a penalty, etc. On the contrary, they’ve all said it was a clean and legal hit.

What do you think?


Was Anthony Barr’s hit on Aaron Rodgers illegal or dirty?

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