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Tuesday Open Thread: October 17, 2017

Hey, we’ve great news to celebrate!

Los Angeles Rams v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Merry Tuesday everyone!

Hey, how can you not be happy when we get news like we got yesterday? Our QBOTF is another step closer to getting under center for the Vikings once again, as Teddy Bridgewater was cleared to practice yesterday. I’m rooting hard for the kid, I can’t wait to see him back on the field. I know it’ll take some time, and nothing is guaranteed, but when you hear good news like that, it’s okay to be happy about it.

Around the DN since our last open thread:

Wludford has some game notes from Vikings vs. Packers.

Teddy got a bit of good news, per Chris.

More details came in, as we found out that Teddy Bridgewater was cleared to practice.

Sam Bradford is getting alternative treatments on the knee that’s been keeping him off the field.

Eric looks at five game-changing plays from Sunday’s game.

Chris shared the tweet from Chris Mortensen that Teddy will practice on Wednesday.

McCarthy says the hit on Rodgers was illegal, per wludford. No word on whether McCarthy wanted a wah burger to go along with his french cries, but I assume he did. Also no word on whether he thinks pump fakes should be illegal too, because if you can’t pursue a QB through the play, then the QB shouldn’t be allowed to use trickery to gain yards or create room for a pass. Hey, fair is fair.

Vikings news from other sources:

Many thanks to Caribe Morado for the heads-up on this one, it's from ESPN1500, a re-post from a May piece by Matthew Collier: Why everyone believes in Teddy. This is a really good read, well worth your time.

From, the time is now for McKinnon, Zimmer addressed the media yesterday, Ian Rapoport talks about Teddy’s return and contract situation, and lots more to watch in the media vault.

Some folks in the media are saying Keenum should remain the starter, there’s a piece from ESPN, and another from CBS Sports. I’ll disagree. If Bradford is ready, I think you have to roll with him. He’s shown he can take this offense to a new level when he’s healthy. Keenum has done a great job filling in, but you get inconsistency with him, and you’ll get some off-target throws and you’ll get games like we got against Detroit and Pittsburgh (he gets a bit of a pass for Pitt, last minute decision, etc.). I don’t think he’s played well enough to take over Bradford’s spot IF Bradford is fully able. If you have a choice between a healthy Bradford and Keenum, I don’t think it’s a very hard choice. Not taking away from what Keenum has done, because I appreciate his effort and performance, but Sam takes the offense to a higher level, in my opinion.

News from around the NFL:

Andrew Luck hopes to play again this year, but isn’t sure when, per Sure seems like we’re seeing more and more of these lingering injuries, doesn’t it?

Get the roundup of week 6 scores and highlights, from

We come to our media selection.

No explanation needed.

We all know the rules, but in case someone is new:

-No discussion of politics or religion
-No feeding of the trolls
-This isn't a male version of The View, so leave the gender hatred at the door
-Keep vulgar language to a minimum, using spoiler tags if you must
-No pictures that could get someone fired or in serious trouble with their employer
-If you can't disagree in a civil manner, feel free to go away
-While navigating the open thread, just assume it's sarcasm

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open. Belly up & tie one on. Don't forget to tip your waitress, & try the chitlins.